CO2 Laser Marking System  
CO2 Laser Marker_1
CO2 Laser Marking System  
Aerodynamic controlled,air driven without the need for electricity,eliminating the problem about burn point in using solvent.
GAM 40P Pneumatic Stencil Washing
Equip high speed CCD with automatic vision alignment system at set, great improve the precision of cutting precision and operation efficiency.
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Separates PCB easily, with less stress as compared to manual bending or breaking. Sensitive componentson the PCB will not be damaged by the depaneling process.
GAM 30 PCB V-Cut Separator
Automatically clean to tiny crack of stencil by ultrasonic. There will be no problem about burm pount in using solvent.
GAM 40 Ultrasonic Washing
Put SMD components automatically to prevent instable quality from manual operation. Use high-effect heater to remove/mount SMD components, efficiency by adjusting the temperature.
GAM 850 BGA Rework Station
All kinds of geometry measurement can dimension by SMT commandsets. Film, Stencil, Mask defects can be detected by high accuracy magnify lens. Use as a programming tool for NC machine, Easy coordinate data pick up.
GAM 800W NC data Programming Machine
Delicate designed, easy to operate. Reduce operate process, improve safety. Clean thoraughly the drit loated at the corner and tip end. Save the solvent, won’t hurt the surface of the object
GAM 403/412 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Universal holder, suitable for all kinds of plastic tube. A emergence stop function be designer to ensure safety operating environment. LED display panel and microprocessor control, easy to operate.
GAM 62 High Speed Centrifugal Machine
Excellent for ISO 9000 solder paster mix process conditiion. Strong mixing/ kneading power, enables preparation uniform / high-quality solder paste, increasing printing quality
GAM 60 High Speed Solder Paste Mixer
Provide on immediate clean on the steel plate and ensure the quality in continuous printing. Clean thoroughly the dirt located at the corner and tip end. Compact design and easy for operation. Upgrade the printing superiorty
Ultrasonic Fine Pitch Stencil Cleaner
Very useful device in carrying out tests and corrections on feeders, to maintain their optimum performance in manufacturing.) - Feeder Base is Interchangeable, hence effectively saves much costs on individual units.
GAM 20A Feeder Calibration Jig
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